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Al-Kaabi Stresses The Need To Prepare A Comprehensive Review Of All Previous Laws In Line With The

Democratic Transition And Current Situation Of The Country

Baghdad Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi stressed the importance of conducting a comprehensive review of all previously laws, in line with the democratic transition and the current situation in the country, calling for highlighting the obstacles facing the Iraqi legislator to overcome them and come up with solid and applicable laws that serve the citizen and the democratic system in Iraq.

Al-Kaabi’s media office stated: “The Deputy Speaker of Parliament chaired a dialogue seminar held by the Parliamentary Development Institute in cooperation with the Parliamentary Legislation Department entitled (The Impact of Authorities’ Cooperation in the Quality of Legislation), in the presence of representatives from the Presidency of the Republic, the Supreme Judicial Council and the State Council, and a number of judges, university professors and specialists in Legal affairs and civil society organizations.

Al-Kaabi called for providing all the necessary capabilities to support institutions, agencies and departments related to legislative affairs, especially the Legislation Department in the House of Representatives, and to focus and benefit from holding workshops and seminars held by the Parliamentary Development Institute, centers, institutions and bodies concerned with the maturation of legislation, considering the holding of this symposium today an important breakthrough for the beginning of a broad integrative coordination from the representatives of the presidencies to diagnose the obstacles and come up with more accurate legislation with solid standards.

The meeting took a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the formation of a joint and permanent working committee of the relevant official institutions to submit their reports to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, after holding regular meetings to discuss proposals and important laws to mature them, and to involve representatives of the Bar Association, civil society organizations, academics and relevant authorities to advance the reality of legislation in the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency