Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Bader Al-Ziyadi, confirmed that; Our security forces are a mixture of the people, whose work should not be questioned.

He said in a televised statement: We have identified that there are sleeper terrorist cells, especially in the Tarmiyah area, pointing out that it is time for our security forces to launch to an operation to eliminate terrorist cells.

He added that: Turkey occupies Iraqi lands with a depth of more than 50 km, and the repeated bombing of Iraqi lands is a negative message that Turkey does not respect the Iraqi government.

He added that the government’s silence gives us many analyzes, including that there is an agreement between the government and Turkey to intervene.

Al-Ziyadi said that we do not find any response from the government towards the Turkish attacks.

He continued, “I don’t think the Iraqi government will talk about the Turkish attacks at the Baghdad summit.”

He added that we cannot rely on any other forces, and we must rely on our security forces, which are a mixture of the people. /

Source: National Iraqi News Agency