Macron: France’s duty and dignity is to protect the Afghans who helped it

Baghdad French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed that the duty and dignity of his country is to protect the Afghans who helped it and who are threatened by the Taliban movement’s arrival in the capital in Afghanistan.

“It is our duty and our dignity to protect those who help us (interpreters, drivers, chefs) and many others,” Macron said in a televised speech carried by the French channel BFM.

He added: There are nearly 800 people on French soil already. There are still dozens of people there.

Macron said: I spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about an initiative to restore peace in Afghanistan.

He continued, “the absolute emergency has been put in place to secure French nationals who should leave Afghanistan, as well as Afghans who have worked with France.”

“I will send two military planes and a special operations squad to Kabul in the coming hours,” Macron said.

He noted that he believed that there was a historic turning point in the work in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power.

He stressed the need for Europe to protect itself from waves of refugees and human smuggling, noting that he discussed with European leaders coordination with Turkey, Pakistan and Iran to embrace refugees.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency