Biden: It is wrong to order the American forces to do something that is the task of the Afghan forces

Baghdad US President Joe Biden affirmed that it is wrong to order the US forces to do something that is one of the tasks of the Afghan forces.

He said in a televised speech: We will push for diplomatic dialogue and the protection of human rights.

Biden added, “Now, 6,000 soldiers are in Afghanistan to evacuate our citizens and Afghan collaborators. We have taken control of the air, closed our embassy in a safe manner, and our diplomatic presence is integrated at Kabul airport. We will safely transfer the civil crews of Afghan collaborators to our country.”

He continued: We have expanded the refugee program to include other Afghan groups that have cooperated with us.

Biden pointed out: The events we are witnessing now in Afghanistan are unfortunate, and no military force can achieve stability in Afghanistan. We will conclude the withdrawal of our forces after 20 years of our presence in a country that history has proven to be the graveyard of empires.

He stressed that he did not regret his decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency