MP calls on Al-Kadhimi to take deterrent measures against armed groups and outlaws

Baghdad MP Adel Khamis Al-Mahlawi called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to take deterrent measures against armed groups and outlaws.

Al-Mahlawi said in a press statement two days ago, armed groups with well-known affiliation kidnapped a number of young men from the Janabieen clan in the Hamiyah area in the Musayyab district, north of Babylon, openly during the day, in front of the security forces’ eyes. Hours later, the body of one of them was found, the martyr Saad Sabah Hashem Muhammad Dhahi al-Janabi. It has signs of torture and knife stab wounds.”

He demanded the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to assume his legal and national responsibilities and to take deterrent measures similar to those he took against the killers of Karbala’s mayor, the martyr Abeer Al-Khafaji, a few days ago.

Al-Mahlawi also called for changing some security leaders in the province of Babylon, who have proven their failure in maintaining security during the past years, and replacing them with efficient and professional ones.

He pointed out: “Civilians north of Babylon have been subjected to organized killings, displacement and kidnappings by armed groups openly during the day during the past years, and they are documented without holding the killers who committed these crimes accountable.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency