Kirkuk The head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Hassan Turan, renewed his call for a wide participation in the upcoming elections to ensure the fulfillment of the aspirations of the Turkmen component in the next parliament.

This came during his presiding over a meeting of officials of the front’s branches in the governorate.

The meeting discussed the political and security developments in all of Iraq and the Turkmen regions, the nature of the services provided to the residents of those regions, and the role of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and its institutions in enhancing those services and promoting coexistence and stability in those regions.

The attendees discussed the elections file and the ongoing preparations for the candidates of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in all Turkmen regions, and urged voters to achieve broad participation to ensure parliamentary representation that ensures the delivery of the Turkmen vote in the next parliament.

Turan stressed: “The Iraqi Turkmen Front continues its patriotic and nationalistic approach in defending Iraq’s unity, obtaining Turkmen rights, continuing the political struggle and preserving the Iraqi Turkmen identity.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency