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Parliamentary Committee: We Will Present A New Report On Evaluating Govt Performance In The Coming Days

Baghdad The Parliamentary Strategic Planning and Government Program Follow-up Committee intends to submit its new technical report on evaluating government performance to the House of Representatives in the coming days.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), “We will present a new assessment of the government report on the ministerial program, as we have important observations on the government’s performance because it was not based on an accurate scientific approach and there are vague figures in many sectors,” referring to the “technical report of the Government Program Monitoring Committee will be submitted to the House of Representatives in the coming days.”

He added, “The government has not implemented many articles and paragraphs of the general budget law for the current year so far due to the objection and observations of the Ministry of Finance and other ministries on the articles of the law, which led to its submission of appeals to the judicial court, which led to the delay in its implementation.”

He explained, “The committee to monitor the implementation of the parliamentary government program is moving to pressure the Ministry of Finance and the government to implement the articles of the budget law,” noting that “the next parliament will vote on the new budget 2022 in coordination with the government that will be formed after the upcoming elections.”

The House of Representatives voted on the budget for the current year 2021 at the end of last March, then the Council of Ministers decided, in its session held on April 20, to authorize its president to appeal to the Federal Court with a number of articles of the General Budget Law, where the Federal Court decided, last July, Postponing the date for appealing the Federal General Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021, to the current month.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency