Al-Kadhimi Warns Against Exploiting State Departments, Resources And Projects For The Benefit Of Election Candidates

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi warned of exploiting state departments, resources and projects for the benefit of election candidates, stressing that legal measures are taken in this regard.

During his visit to the administration office of Tarmiyah district, as part of his visit to the district and to stand on the security and service problems there, Al-Kadhimi called on the people of the district to cooperate with the security forces in pursuing ISIS terrorist remnants and eliminating its incubators, in order to stabilize Tarmiyah, and achieve the security and safety of the families.

During the visit, Al-Kadhimi met with local officials in the district, listened to the problems facing Tarmiyah districts and its regions, and directed the follow-up to service needs, and prioritizing sewage projects.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency