At the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Iraqi State..Al-Wafa Movement Calls for Broad Participation in the Elections

Baghdad Al-Wafa movement called for wide participation in the elections.

The Secretary-General of the movement, Adnan Al-Zorfi, said in a statement on the occasion of the passage of a century since the founding of the state, that the Iraqi Al-Wafa movement renews its adherence to its national project to lay the foundations for building a state that guarantees national sovereignty, achieves social justice and economic advancement, and raises the standard of living for all the Iraqi people, regardless of their components.

He added that with the pivotal events that Iraq has witnessed, their repercussions are still present in the pages of modern history. The democratic system, and the abolition of all manifestations of sectarian and partisan quotas.

He explained that the movement sees the passage of a century since the establishment of the state as an occasion to unite the efforts of the political forces and mobilize their efforts to hold early elections on their scheduled date on the tenth of next October, in order to send a message to the international community, confirming the ability of Iraqis to make their future with a free and independent will.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency