Public Traffic Directorate : Motorcycles are prohibited on all highways in Baghdad and the provinces

Baghdad The General Traffic Directorate announced, today, Thursday, that motorcycles are prohibited from running on all highways in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Director of General of Traffic, Major General Tariq Ismail, said in a statement that “the General Traffic Directorate decided to ban motorcycles from running on all highways in Baghdad and the provinces.”

Earlier, the General Traffic Directorate identified three reasons behind banning motorcycles from driving on highways.

The Director of Media and Traffic Relations, Brigadier General Haider Karim, said, “There is a statement No. 2 of 2021 stipulating the prohibition of motorcycles of all kinds, whether they are two-wheeled or three-wheeled, registered or unregistered on highways.”

Karim attributed this to the large number of accidents, terrorist acts, and harassment in traffic,” explaining that “the 100,000 fine is applied from the date of issuing the statement.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency