Security Alert In Diyala In Anticipation Of Targeting Husseini Processions

Baquba / NINA / – The security forces, with their various formations, have mobilized in anticipation of attacks targeting the Husseini processions, after receiving intelligence information about a plan to target the processions with explosive belts.

A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) correspondent: “The security forces and the Popular Mobilization intensified their security patrols and fixed and mobile detachments in the areas witnessing the establishment of rituals on the tenth of Muharram, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.”

He added, “The measures and precautions were taken after the arrest of a senior ISIS leader on the outskirts of Khalis, north of Baquba, who was planning to strike the Husseini processions and target them with explosive belts.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency