The arrest of 21 persons accused of various cases in the district of Ali al-Gharbi, in Maysan, during the past week

Al-Amara The Maysan Police Directorate announced today, Monday, the outcome of the arrest warrants executed during the past week within the district of Ali Al-Gharbi, north of Al-Amara, the center of Maysan Governorate.

The Directorate said in a statement that as a result of the search and search operations and the pursuit of the accused and wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, the detachments of the Ali al-Gharbi District Police Department were able to arrest 21 suspects according to criminal cases and crimes, most notably terrorism, premeditated murder, harm, threats, fraud, and other legal materials and violations.

The statement indicated that the accused were referred to the competent judiciary and arrested in accordance with their legal provisions.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency