The arrest of a terrorist and the destruction of two hostels for terrorist gangs, while the clearance operations of Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad, continued

Baghdad The Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of a terrorist and the destruction of two hostels for ISIS terrorist gangs, with the continuation of operations to clear Tarmiyah north of Baghdad.

A statement by the Command stated that the Baghdad Operations Command units continued to carry out the duties of inspection and clearance of areas north of Baghdad (Tarmiya) and under field supervision by Lieutenant-General, Baghdad Operations Commander and Commander of the Forward Headquarters / Karkh, backed by accurate information by the intelligence agencies and in coordination between the Baghdad Operations Intelligence Department and the Force From the National Security Apparatus, which resulted in the arrest of a terrorist in the sector of responsibility of the 59th Infantry Brigade, and another force from the same brigade was able to find two guesthouses for ISIS terrorist gangs during searches in the areas of (The Apple Orchard, Al-Ghezaiya) north of Baghdad, which were destroyed, Meanwhile, a force from the 3rd Regiment, the 44th Infantry Brigade, managed to destroy two boats and seize a third that the terrorists used to infiltrate and escape the painful strikes of our forces.

It added that the engineering effort of the executed units continued to be implemented in accordance with his decree to open and improve roads, drench rivers, and remove rubble from places used by terrorists as a haven.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency