The arrest of a woman for forgery and two others for possession of unlicensed weapons in Baghdad

Baghdad The Federal Police arrested a woman on charges of forgery and two others for possessing unlicensed weapons in Baghdad.

A statement by the Federal Police Command stated that a force from the Fifteenth Brigade Operations of the First Division, Federal Police, in partnership with a detachment from the Office of Combating Crimes in Mada’in and Karrada, and a detachment from the Karrada Intelligence, arrested one of the accused in “Al-Arsat” area in the center of the capital, Baghdad, which is required according to Article 298/ 289 “Forgery” for which an arrest warrant was issued by Al-Madain Investigation Court, while one of the checkpoints of the Eighth Brigade, the Second Division, Federal Police, through careful inspections of vehicles and people, arrested two suspects in “Al-Nawab” area, and a Sisert pistol was seized in their possession, ammunition store, a granate.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency