The Commander of Basra Operations, calls on the clergy and tribal sheikhs, to urge the youth to stay away from the danger of drug scourge and clan conflicts and to support the security forces

Basra The Commander of Basra Operations, Major General Ali Abdul-Hussein Al-Majidi, called on the clergy, the preachers of the Al-Husseini pulpit, the sheikhs of the clans and the guiding institutions to perform their duties in urging the youth to stay away from the danger of drug scourge and clan conflicts and to remind the directives of the religious reference in supporting the security and military forces .

During his speech at the coordination conference among the local government and security leaders, the Operations Commander praised the great role played by the clans through their symbols and the sacrifices of their sons who, along with the Iraqi army and security forces, formed a force that was unparalleled on the battlefields and when confronting the enemy during the battles of liberation.
He said, “history has witnessed the Iraqi clans’ heroic and honorable stances, and the clans, with their men and masters, have proven that they are the best support for the Iraqi army.”

The Operations Commander directed “to abide by the directives of the religious authority in the sanctity of clan fighting,” calling for support of the security forces and to stay away from the language of threats and the use of weapons, noting that your lack of cooperation in combating the scourge of drugs puts our sons at risk and threatens to exacerbate crime and the loss of an entire generation of young people.

He continued by saying, “after managing the security file and assigning us the tasks of the operations commander, we have a great responsibility in the field of combating the spread of weapons and drugs, and after coordination with the relevant authorities, a mechanism was set up to disarm and confiscate the weapons that were used by some citizens randomly, which caused the killing of innocents and threatening community peace in the province, and we have come a long way in this regard.

The Husseiniya shrine in Basra held a joint conference that included tribal sheikhs from the province and security leaders to sign a new pledge to renounce clan conflicts, renounce violence, support the security forces, and eradicate the drug trade.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency