The death of a high-ranking officer and his four children in a fire accident in Baghdad

Baghdad Spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, mourned the Commander of the 27th Brigade in the Eleventh Division, who died in a fire accident with his family in Baghdad.

Rasoul said in an obituary statement, that Colonel (Rahim Muhammad Nayef Al-Karaawi), commander of the 27th Brigade in the Eleventh Division, mourned following an unfortunate fire incident that led to his death along with four of his children.”

Local circles announced the death of a high-ranking officer, along with 4 of his children, in a fire accident inside his apartment in the Salhiya complex in Baghdad.

The Baghdad Police Directorate said, “a fire broke out, at dawn today, Friday, inside an apartment in Building 55 in Salhiya, which is inhabited by the command of the 27th Brigade in the 11th Division, Colonel Rahim Muhammad Nayef Al-Karaawi, which resulted in the death of the officer and his four children.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency