The Governor Of Basra Directs The Concerned Authorities To Remove Encroachments Without Exception

Basra The Governor of Basra, Engineer Asaad Al-Eidani, directed the concerned authorities to “remove all encroachments on the state’s streets, sidewalks and squares in the governorate.”

Al-Eidani said, according to an audio message, “The encroachments harmed Basra and its people, and have affected all services, including water and electricity. Pointing out that the reason for the destruction of Basra is the random encroachments, despite the letters, notes and communications that I receive to postpone the lifting of these encroachments.

He added, “The Basra government has allocated service places outside the city, but some do not want them according to their whims.”

The Governor of Basra stressed that the transgressors will be held accountable and encroachments will be removed without exception. In the event that they abstain, they will be held accountable according to the law, “stressing at the same time the necessity of carrying out orders by the security forces, and if any employee fails to carry out his duty, he will be subject to legal accountability.”

Al-Eidani indicated, “The lifting of the encroachments comes in implementation of the directives of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi in a campaign he launched throughout Iraq after the assassination of Karbala’s municipal director, Engineer Abeer Salim.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency