The Mayor of Baghdad Directs To Continue Removing Encroachments And Violations In The Capital

BAGHDAD The Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan, directed, today, Thursday, to continue removing encroachments and violations in the capital.

A statement by the Municipality of Baghdad said, “The Mayor of Baghdad directed all departments and formations of the Municipality of Baghdad to continue their campaigns to remove encroachments and violations in the city of Baghdad and to prevent them completely.”

Maan stressed that “the Baghdad Municipality is facing a heavy legacy in the size of the grave encroachments and violations that distorted the urban scene of the capital, as well as great challenges, including the lack of law enforcement and repeated attacks by violators of the Municipality cadres.”

He pointed out that “the Baghdad Municipality succeeded in implementing a major campaign during which it removed a large number of encroachments on the banks of the Tigris River in cooperation with the security forces and the Ministry of Water Resources.”

Maan called “the formations of the security forces to cooperate with the cadres of the Municipality of Baghdad and support them in the process of implementing the law,” noting that “the prime minister’s call and his adoption of the file of the campaign to remove encroachments gave a great important impetus to this campaign and to all those working to implement municipal laws.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency