The National Dialogue Front Announces It Will Not Participate In The Upcoming Elections/ More

Baghdad The National Dialogue Front headed by Saleh Al-Mutlaq announced that it would not participate in the upcoming elections, which were scheduled to be held in October.

A statement by the Front said that based on the firm conviction that the 2018 elections were the worst elections, as they witnessed the lowest participation rate and the highest fraud rate, and the results of those elections that did not represent the will of our people, which contributed to further political deterioration and the failure to rebuild state institutions.

It added that there is a truth that the Iraqi people have become aware of that the bad situation the country has reached the failure to provide a safe environment for holding early elections and the spread of uncontrolled weapons are all factors that confirm that no clear change will happen.

The Front indicated in its statement that it confirms its previous position that it is not possible to hold fair elections without ending the fraud factors represented by uncontrolled weapons and political money.

In its statement, the Front called on the parties that still adhere to the national approach to stand up to the opposition in order to try to correct the course, and not to be part of a scene that contributes to further deterioration at all levels.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency