The Parliamentary Crisis Cell reveals to / NINA / the obstacles of health hospital projects in the governorates / expanded

Baghdad The Parliamentary Crisis Cell resolved the controversy over lagging health hospital projects in the governorates, while it disclosed the obstacles that prevented these hospitals from entering service years ago.

Member of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee and the Crisis Cell, MP Hassan Khalati, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “the incomplete hospitals that are nearing completion and officially handing over their buildings to the federal government are the ten hospitals that were referred under the decisions of the former Reconstruction Council.” He pointed out that “major international companies have been contracted to establish these hospitals in all governorates of Iraq, and each hospital is named after the country to which that company belongs.”

He added, “Many of these hospitals have reached a completion rate of 95%, but they have not been officially received by the government due to financial obstacles between companies and the government, which has hindered the receipt of these hospitals, which were supposed to enter service more than five years ago.”

He explained, “these hospitals are almost complete, but the obstacles took a long time and could have been resolved through a financial settlement, and therefore their delay prevented the hospitals from entering service quickly,” noting that “the failure of these hospitals to enter the service prompted the health departments in the governorates to find medical centers a quick caravan to address the momentum of citizens anytime.”

He continued, “the governmental and local technical committees that were formed previously, and those that are currently ongoing, collide with the same obstacles related to not launching financial allocations, or not finding financial solutions for lagging health projects.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency