The Parliamentary Health Committee Warns Of The Continuation Of The Third Wave Of Coronavirus..And Hospitals Are Full Of Infected People

Baghdad The Parliamentary Health Committee has warned of the doubling of the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the coming days due to the continuation of the third wave, noting that hospitals are full with the number of infected people and will not be able to accommodate the new numbers of infected people.

A member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, MP from the “Independent” parliamentary bloc, Faleh Al-Ziyadi, stressed in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) the need for rapid preventive and curative measures to stop the spread of the third series of the Coronavirus, noting that prevention is concerned with social distancing, sterilization, wearing masks, and closing swimming pools and cafes, event halls and banning the establishment of funeral and wedding councils, while treatment is related to opening new outlets to take the vaccine and forming mobile health teams that go to ministries and institutions to vaccinate citizens and employees.

He explained that there are large numbers admitted to hospitals infected with the Coronavirus, and more than a thousand cases are dangerous, and many cases are distributed between the least severe and medium, and hospitals have been filled with them, and this warns of the danger of not absorbing the numbers of new infected people.

He pointed out the difficulty of imposing a comprehensive curfew at the present time for many reasons, including the financial condition of citizens, and the inability of health and security institutions to fully control the curfew due to the lack of citizens’ commitment to it, pointing out that raising awareness, taking vaccinations, social distancing, and citizens’ commitment to health measures are enough to break the chain of spread of the Coronavirus.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency