The Popular Mobilization Thwarts A Terrorist Plot To Target The Husseini Mourning And Rites Councils in Baghdad

Baghdad The Popular Mobilization Forces thwarted a terrorist plot to target the Husseiniya mourning councils and Husseini Rites in Baghdad.

The Popular Mobilization Authority said in a statement, “The Directorate of Security and Discipline in the Popular Mobilization Authority, in cooperation with the intelligence and security of the Baghdad Operations Command and the Second Regiment / 55th Brigade / 17th Division of the Iraqi Army, and after arresting a terrorist, who works within what is known as Iraq State, south of Baghdad sector. After investigation and careful follow-up, it was determined a hideout used by terrorists in al-Zaidan area, west of Baghdad.”

It added, “Explosive belts and an adhesive device were found in the hideout, which ISIS intended to use during the sacred month of Muharram against the Husseini rites.” 

Source: National Iraqi News Agency