The Taliban movement: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” is not at enmity with anyone

Baghdad The Taliban movement affirmed its refusal to make Afghanistan a springboard to threaten other countries, and indicated that the country’s previous administration failed and could not withstand the Taliban.

The movement’s spokesman, Dhabihullah Mujahid, said in the first official press conference from the capital, Kabul, today, Tuesday, “We offered an amnesty to everyone, and at the end of the settlement we will have an exemplary Islamic political system.”

He added, “the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not in enmity with anyone,” noting, “We have taken control of security in the capital, Kabul, and there are no problems, and there was agreement to enter the capital and hand over power peacefully.”

“There are foreign embassies, and it is our duty to secure and preserve them, and we will not allow attacks on them,” he said, noting that “we talked with some countries and reached an understanding with them on economic cooperation.”

On the rights of citizens, the official spokesman of the Taliban movement clarified, “We do not allow Islamic values to be threatened, and it is our right to adhere to them,” noting that “women’s rights are a sensitive issue and they have the right to work and education in accordance with Islamic values.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency