The US announces the deployment of additional forces at Kabul airport ahead of reducing its diplomatic presence

Baghdad The US State Department Spokesman, Ned Price, said Thursday that the administration of President Joe Biden will withdraw some employees from the US Embassy in Kabul “in light of the evolving security situation.”

“We expect to reduce the core diplomatic presence in Afghanistan in the coming weeks,” Price added, in the daily press briefing.

Price explained that the US Department of Defense “will temporarily deploy additional personnel at Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

Price noted that Secretary of State and Defense Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to coordinate planning.

The Spokesman for the US State Department confirmed that the US Embassy would “remain open in its current location” and continue its diplomatic work, but he did not specify whether it would remain in that location.

CNN reported this afternoon that the United States is considering moving its Embassy to Kabul airport amid the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, according to a US official, a Western diplomatic source and another source familiar with the situation.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency