Thwarting a terrorist plot to assassinate the Tunisian President

Baghdad The Tunisian newspaper, Al-Shorouk, reported on Sunday that the security services thwarted a terrorist plot targeting President Qais Saeed.

The newspaper reported / according to Sky News / that: one of the lone wolves was going to carry out the operation in a coastal city, and it is under investigation.

It added: The terrorist planned to assassinate President Qais Saeed.

This is not the first time that Saied has been subjected to an assassination attempt, as the Tunisian Presidency spoke months ago of the existence of a plot to assassinate the president through a “poisonous circumstance”.

Commenting on the attempt, Saeed said: “Whoever wants dialogue does not go abroad secretly to search for the removal of the President of the Republic in any way, even by assassination.” 

Source: National Iraqi News Agency