Baghdad The Spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, confirmed that we do not need any international combat forces, but we need advisors, especially since the threat of ISIS still exists.

Rasoul said in a televised statement: “The advisors will stay and protecting them is the responsibility of the Iraqi forces.

He continued, “Some of our planes need $360 million annually, and we need foreign expertise to complete building our capabilities, adding that all types of armed forces are capable of facing any external threat.”

He stressed that, today, the Iraqi people are in harmony with the Iraqi military establishment and have confidence in the armed forces.

He added: “The readiness of the Iraqi armed forces is completely different from 2014, noting that the international coalition is delivering weapons to the Iraqi forces worth millions of dollars.”

He indicated that, the capabilities of the terrorist organization ISIS are not the same as before, and there is a great popular rejection in its areas of activity, pointing out that all the operations carried out against ISIS are accurate and the result of a great intelligence effort.

He stressed that Iraq is not like Afghanistan, as the Iraqi people support the armed forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency