13 Terrorists Killed By Anti-Terror Forces In Qadisiyah neighborhood, In Mosul

BAGHDAD / 13 terrorists of Daesh were killed during the progress of anti-terror forces in the second Qadisiyah neighborhood east of Mosul.

A security source said in a press statement that "anti-terror forces started today a storming the second Qadisiyah neighborhood, and faced fierce resistance by Daesh militants, the clashes resulted in the killing of 13 of Daesh."

He explained that "the progress of the forces in residential neighborhoods is extremely difficult because of the organization's reliance on improvised explosive devices, explosive barrels, car bombs and snipers.

A security source said Iraqi forces blew up two car bombs to Daesh in the left side of Mosul.

He told NINA that "The Iraqi forces managed to detonate two car bombs in Qadisiyah the second area and killed four suicide bombers and 13 Daesh militants within the eastern of left side of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency