15 drug dealers and promoters arrested in a number of governorates

Baghdad, The Directorate of Intelligence and Security arrested (15) drug dealers and promoters in a number of governorates.

The Directorate stated in a statement that “the detachments of the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security at the Ministry of Defense continued their qualitative security operations in pursuing dealers and promoters of narcotic poisons in several governorates for the purpose of retribution against them, as its field detachments were able to overthrow (15) wanted persons from the most dangerous dealers and promoters of narcotic substances in the governorates (Diwaniyah, Baghdad, Al-Muthanna, Nineveh), whom arrest warrants were issued against them in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 (Drugs).

It explained that the arrests came through careful field follow-up and an intelligence effort, as the defendants were arrested with various quantities of narcotic substances and tools used for abuse, in addition to other light weapons, which were confiscated and referred with the
defendants to the relevant authorities to complete the legal procedures against them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency