(150) foreign violators of the residence law were arrested


Baghdad The Directorate of Residence Affairs announced, today, Monday, the arrest of (150) foreign violators of the residence law.

The Directorate said, according to a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, that the detachments of the Directorate of Residence Affairs / Deportation and Removal Department / Baghdad, in coordination with the National Intelligence Service, the Intelligence Agency and the ground holding force, arrested (150) violators in the areas of Karrada, Zayouna and Palestine Street in Baghdad of Residence Law No. 76 for the year 2017.

The Directorate indicated, according to the statement, that legal measures will be taken against the violators and deported outside Iraqi territory, while confirming that it is continuing to pursue violators in Baghdad regions and all provinces.

It warned citizens against sheltering foreigners in violation of the law and immediately reporting their whereabouts.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency