16 Unidentified Bodies Of Victims Of Coronavirus Isolation Center Fire In Dhi Qar Identified


The Dhi Qar Health Department announced today, the disclosure of the identities of 16 unidentified bodies of victims of the Coronavirus isolation center fire in Dhi Qar last Tuesday.

The Director General of Dhi Qar Health, Dr. Sadi Al-Majed, told Nasiriyah News Network that his department delivered the first group consisting of 16 unidentified bodies due to the burning of the Nasiriyah isolation center last Tuesday.

He added, “The DNA tests were delivered by the forensic medicine department in Baghdad and revealed the results of 16 out of 21 charred bodies.”

He indicated that Dhi Qar Health Department handed over the bodies of the victims to their families, awaiting the disclosure of the second group, which will arrive in the next few days to the department.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health revealed, earlier, the official statistics of the martyrs of the fire tragedy of Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Nasiriyah, which amounted to 39 martyrs with known identity and 21 martyrs without identity.




Source: National Iraqi News Agency