18 Wanted Persons Arrested In Baghdad

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced today, Tuesday, the arrest of 18 wanted persons in separate areas of Baghdad.

The cell stated in a statement: "The security services and intelligence agencies are continuing their efforts to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, and outlaws, and in high-level coordination with the intelligence and security of Baghdad operations, as a force from Baghdad's intelligence and security and the Baghdad Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Directorate, in cooperation with the force holding the sector, managed to from the arrest of a suspect in accordance with Article (41) of terrorism after monitoring his presence in al-Zafaraniya area, and the wanted person to the presidency of the Diyala Appeals Court.

The cell added: "The intelligence agencies in al-Rashidiya Gate checkpoint, in conjunction with a force from the 44th Infantry Brigade, the 11th Infantry Division and a detachment from Al-Zohour Police Department, were able to monitor a group of people trying to enter Baghdad governorate and illegally cross the checkpoint, indicating that they were chased and the arrest of (9) people of Arab nationality, as it was found that they violated the residency requirements.

The cell indicated, according to the statement: "The security forces in the eleventh infantry division and the two (first and second) federal police divisions were able to arrest (8) wanted persons according to various legal articles, including those accused of possessing and using narcotics."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency