2 Int’l networks consisting of 40 foreign elements arrested in Baghdad and other provinces

The Security Media Cell/Intelligence Service announced today, Saturday, the overthrow of two international networks consisting of 40 foreign elements in Baghdad and other provinces.

The cell said in a statement, ‘Based on the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, based on accurate intelligence information and exceptional field follow-ups, and after carrying out a number of tight ambushes in Baghdad and other provinces, the heroes of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior detachments, were able to overthrow two international networks consisting of (40) members of foreign nationality, involved in committing crimes of kidnapping, extortion, forgery, and human and drug trafficking.’

It added, “After continuous pursuits based on detailed intelligence information, all members of the two networks were arrested, and criminal evidence was seized from their members, who were distributed in various neighborhoods of the capital, Baghdad, and some other
provinces. It was proven that they were involved in committing various crimes, the majority of whose victims were foreign citizens residing in Iraq.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency