Baghdad Military Intelligence arrested two prominent terrorists as they crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border west of Nineveh.

A statement by the Intelligence Directorate stated: “The arrest of the terrorists was carried out in (Gilbarat) region of Rabi`a district, west of Nineveh, with a qualitative intelligence operation, after information was provided about a movement by ISIS terrorist remnants to cross the border from Syria towards Iraqi territory.”

The statement added: “One of them is responsible for the booby-traps and the so-called bails in Al-Baaj, and the other is in charge of the so-called storming force, and he led the storming of al-Moumi police station in Rabi’a, and participated in the captivity of Yazidi women, and they are among those wanted to the judiciary under an arrest warrant in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 / Terrorism.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency