2 Vehicles Destroyed, A Number Of Terrorists Killed In Clashes With Daesh West Of Mosul

BAGHDAD � A force from the popular mobilization was able to burn two vehicles and killed a number of members of Daesh organization, south-west of Mosul.

"Certain intelligence information was received about a gathering of Daesh militants and their attack on the supply-side area (Baghdad-Mosul) and exclusively from al-Sharqat junction to al-Zawiya junction and from various directions," a statement from the PMF said.

The statement added that "the information received included the places of the gathering of Daesh militants and their spread places in the villages south-west of Mosul, to ease the besiege on their trapped militants behind Makhool Mountains.

The statement said that "the forces targeted in this attack are Waad Allah and Taf Brigade forces," noting that "the current situation is, Waad Allah and Brigade 33 forces are clashing with the militants of Daesh in several villages (Umm Gharba) and (Abetir ) and burned two vehicles for the enemy".

The statement pointed out that "the nature of the confrontation was sporadic and random attacks and indiscriminate movement aimed to dispersing monitoring and control of our forces and intensifying drones of the enemy before the attack," noting that "Waad Allah forces continue to monitor and stationed and deal with the movement of the enemy and strengthen its strength with armored forces."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency