2427 Displaced People Return To Their Liberated Areas in Nineveh

BAGHDAD / Ministry of Immigration announced the return of (2427) displaced from Jadaa camp in the district Qayyarah and Debka camp in Arbil to their liberated areas after obtaining security clearances for their return.

The Director General of the Department of Branches, Zia Salal said in a statement today that "the ministry's teams have transferred (2427) displaced from the camps to their liberated areas in Tel al-Shok and Al-Shwayrat of Shura and Tel al-Shai'r and Nimrud, south of Mosul and Qaraj area of Makhmour, as well as securing all relief aid to them. "

He added that "the ministry is continuing to coordinate with the military and security agencies to obtain special approvals for the return of displaced families to their liberated areas " .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency