28 defendants arrested according to various legal articles and unlicensed weapons seized in Baghdad

The Rapid Response Squad forces of the Ministry of Interior arrested 28 defendants, according to various legal articles, and seized unlicensed weapons in Baghdad.

A statement from the Rapid Response Squad leadership stated, ’28 defendants were arrested for various legal articles, including violators of the Iraqi residency law, in addition to the seizure of vehicles and motorcycles that did not carry official papers and unlicensed weapons, during operations to impose security and stability in Sadr City and al-Basateen neighborhood, al-Shaab and Sabaa Qusoor (palaces).’

It explained: ‘This operation was carried out in cooperation with the leadership of the Federal Police Forces, and in coordination with the Rapid Response Intelligence Department, and the accused and the seized items were handed over to the requesting party.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency