Hasaka, The US occupation forces continued on Monday the systematic plundering of the Syrian wealth as a convoy of their trucks laden with stolen Syrian wheat leaved Tal Alou Silo in Hasaka northeastern countryside heading for Iraq.
Local sources told SANA reporter that a convoy that consists of 35 US occupation trucks laden with wheat stolen leaved Tal Alou Silo in al-Ya’arubyia area heading for the Iraqi territory through al-Walid illegitimate crossing.
The sources added that another convey consisting of 11 vehicles loaded with stolen Syrian wheat left the silos of Tal Alou this afternoon through Al-Walid illegitmate crossing towards Iraqi territories .
Last Saturday, a convoy of 15 US occupation trucks laden with stolen wheat headed for Iraq through al-Walid illegitimate crossing.
On Sunday, a convoy of 86 US occupation trucks laden with military and logistic equipment entered the occupation’s bases through al-Walid illegitimate crossing coming from Iraq.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency