/ 8/ wanted persons arrested, the confiscation of various weapons, and the seizure of quantities of narcotics in Basra

Basra Joint security forces arrested 8 wanted persons, confiscated various weapons and seized quantities of narcotics in Basra.

The Basra Operations Command stated, according to a statement that / NINA/ received a copy of it, that forces from the 36th Mechanized Brigade, Commandos Brigade of Operations Command, the Federal Police and the Basra Governorate Police Emergency Regiments arrested 8 wanted persons according to judicial warrants, two of them for dealing in narcotic substances and two others according to Article 406 of the Criminal Penal Code.

It added, “the security forces also confiscated 6 Kalashnikov rifles and a medium machine gun, in addition to quantities of narcotics and light and medium ammunition.”

In the same context, according to the statement, the elements and intelligence were able to arrest a group of those involved in drug and alcohol trade in the center of Basra Governorate, one of them is a woman who promotes narcotics.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency