All foreign “terrorists”, including women, will be tried in accordance with Iraqi law, Spokesman for Prime Minister press office Saad al-Hadithi said on Monday, in conjunction with several provisions issued this week against women of different nationalities on charges of belonging to the terrorist Daesh.

Al-Hadithi told Al-Hurra that all foreigners who committed crimes and violations against the Iraqi people directly or through support will be subject to Iraqi laws.

“This also applies to foreign women who committed their actions inside Iraqi territory,” al-Hadithi added.

On Sunday, the Iraqi judiciary sentenced a Turkish woman to death after being convicted of belonging to Daesh, while 10 other women were sentenced to life imprisonment from Turkey and Azerbaijan.

On January 21, the Iraqi judiciary sentenced a German citizen of Moroccan origin to death for belonging to Daesh in a judgment of the first of its kind against a European citizen.

French Justice Minister Nicole Beloube said earlier that her country would intervene if any French citizen was sentenced to death in Iraq or Syria, according to the French Attorney General, some 676 French nationals, including 295 women, are in Iraq and Syria.

Al-Hadithi said that Iraq will coordinate with the countries to which the detainees belong if they are not proven to have committed crimes or killings and bombings in Iraq in order to extradite them.

He pointed out that the Iraqi authorities are holding dozens of women and children of different nationalities in specialized centers until deciding their fate in coordination with their countries.”

On Monday, the Iraqi judiciary ordered the deportation of a French citizen who had been arrested in Mosul with her four children after she was convicted of crossing the border illegally. The criminal court in Baghdad sentenced her to seven months in prison but was released immediately because of the end of her sentence.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency