A Body Of A Shepherd Found. Two Hideouts Destroyed In Security Operation In Diyala

Baquba, - Diyala police command announced the destruction of two hideouts to Daesh organization in an operation carried out northeast of Baquba.

The command said in a statement today: "The joint security forces, in conjunction with the tribal mobilization, carried out a large security operation to track the cells of Daesh in the Zafra area in Hamrin Mountain and Aisha camp of Edhaym district north of Baquba."

"The operation resulted in the destruction of two hideouts in Hamrin and the security forces are continuing their pre-emptive operations in Diyala to prevent Daesh cells from getting a foothold," a statement for the command said.

In another subject, a security force found a body of a sheep shepherd, a day after he was kidnapped by unknown men northeast of Baquba.

A local source told NINA: "A security force found the body of a sheep shepherd who lived near Islah village in Jalawla district, northeast of Baquba."

He added: "The security forces opened an investigation into the incident, while the body was transferred to the Department of Forensic Medicine."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency