A citizen killed and five others wounded in electricity protests in Najaf

Najaf / The Najaf police Command announced the killing of a citizen and the injury of five others as a result of the clashes that took place after a demonstration of a group of protesters on the deterioration of the reality of the national electricity supply in their regions, pointing out that it will open an immediate investigation into the incident.

It said in a statement that, in light of the keenness of the security services to save the lives of people and their property, a demonstration was launched at night in protest against the power outage without any security approval and despite that the security services tried to provide protection for them.

The demonstration was on the main street of Al-Shurta neighborhood on the Abu Sakhir road , and it was changed from a peaceful demonstration to cutting off roads, setting fire on tires, causing problems, firing sudden and heavy shots from rooftops and other places, and throwing stones, some of the instigators tried to change the course of the demonstration to a neighboring residential complex. "

It pointed to the unknown shots led to the death of a citizen and wounding five others by unknown persons who were firing from the rooftops, indicating that a group of them were arrested.

"The wounded were evacuated by the police and the health of the province of Najaf to the hospitals for the purpose of treatment and to open an immediate investigation to identify the culprits and participants in the incident and to identify the houses from which the fire started."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency