A Crucial Meeting For The Joint Leadership Of The PUK And The Change Movement On The Referendum

Sulaymaniyah - The meeting of the joint leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Change Movement began to discuss many of the hot issues, particularly the popular referendum and bilateral agreement between the two sides.

Sources close to the Change Movement said that "the joint leadership of the change movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will discuss the agreement between them and activate the Kurdistan Parliament in addition to conducting a popular referendum on self-determination, noting that the meeting will be crucial for the change movement as it will present its critical position on outstanding issues and the question of the referendum.

The joint leadership is composed of a number of members, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, Emad Ahmed, Ra'fat Abdullah from the Political Bureau of the PUK, and Omar Ali, Mohamed Tawfiq Rahim, Othman Haji Mahmoud, Samal Abdullah and Ismail Namik from the Change Movement.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency