A dangerous ISIS militant arrested in the Latifiya district, south of Baghdad

The General Directorate of Intelligence and Security of the Ministry of Defense announced, on Monday, the overthrow of a dangerous ISIS militant in the Latifiya district.

The Directorate said in a statement, “With a qualitative pre-emptive operation, the detachments of the Babylon Intelligence and Security Directorate, affiliated with the directorate, were able to overthrow a dangerous terrorist belonging to the ISIS terrorist gangs, who was carrying out many terrorist operations that targeted citizens and our security forces.”

It added, “The arrest operation came after luring him in the Latifiya district, and with a precise ambush, he was arrested in coordination with the Fifty-Ninth Brigade of the Seventeenth Division,” indicating that an arrest warrant was issued against him in accordance with the provisions of Article (4) of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency