A decision to ban fishing in Hamrin, in Diyala

Baquba A government official in Diyala announced the issuance of a security and government decision banning fishing in the areas near Hamrin Lake for security reasons and precautions.

The Director of Al-Saadiya district, Ahmed Al-Zarkoshi, told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that he submitted an official memorandum to the Diyala government banning fishing in the Hamrin Lake areas, northeast of Baquba, to protect the fishermen from the treacherous ISIS outposts and detachments that move in the outskirts of Hamrin.

He added that the areas adjacent to Hamrin Lake are not secured from ISIS hotbeds and are still a source of danger to fishermen due to the geographical nature of the area. He stressed that the decision to ban fishing in Hamrin is a security precaution to avoid ISIS terrorist attacks and treachery

Source: National Iraqi News Agency