Baghdad The Kurdistan Regional Government announced that a delegation from the region will visit Baghdad next week to follow up the implementation of the general budget law.

The website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stated that, the regional government discussed during a special meeting today, Monday, the draft budget bill for the Kurdistan region and the latest information on expenditures and revenues.

The meeting stressed the need for the budget law to be transparent about the financial situation in the Kurdistan region, and in this context the concerned Ministries were assigned to prepare their latest observations on the draft budget bill so that the government would approve this in the near future and send it to the Kurdistan Parliament.

In another axis of the meeting, according to the site, there was talk about the implementation of the federal budget law for the year 2021, as the financial dues for the Kurdistan region have not yet been disbursed according to the law, despite the region’s willingness to implement its obligations, and for that, the concerned ministers were assigned to continue their contacts with the federal government ministers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency