A Delegation From The MoI Arrives At Al-Abbarah District To Listen To The Protesters’ Demands

Baquba A delegation from the Ministry of Interior arrived at Al-Abbarah district in Diyala Governorate to discuss the latest security developments and listen to the demands of the protesters.

A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that a delegation from the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the Diyala police chief, arrived in the district, northeast of Baquba, and held a meeting with the protesters to listen to their demands for strengthening the security of the district, five days after their sit-in.

He added that the delegation listened to the demands of the protesters after the repeated security violations that led to casualties and gave messages of reassurance to the people in the face of ISIS cells and warding off the dangers of terrorism.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency