A Doctor of Iraqi origin receives the Friendship Medal from Russian President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Iraqi doctor, Salman Al-Shukri, chief urologist in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, the Medal of Friendship for Medical Sciences.

Doctor Al-Shukri, who is of Iraqi origin, said that he entered the field of medicine about 50 years ago, according to Russia Today.

He added: “In the city of Leningrad, I was the first to introduce the technique of video laparoscopic surgery to remove tumors of the bladder and prostate at that time. I also worked on removing the bladder and creating a new bladder from intestinal tissue.”

He confirmed that all of these operations were successful and had an excellent degree of performance.

He added: “I specialize in the field of removing kidney tumors and preserving the kidney organ if the tumor has not spread to the rest of the body, but only to the kidney.”

Regarding surgical operations, he said: ‘I performed ureter transplant operations in cases of ureteral obstruction, especially since I worked in this specialty for a
long time in Kuwait, and we treated there, in the modern way, many brothers from the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially those who suffered from schistosomiasis and ureteral obstruction.’

He continued: “In addition to urology, I had 47 of my students who obtained doctoral degrees, in addition to 11 doctors who obtained doctorates in medical sciences.”

He concluded in this regard: ‘I have a book of texts on urology for medical university students and graduates, and I have presented many scientific research and external communications in this field.’

Regarding his feeling after receiving the Russian ‘Friendship Medal’, Doctor Al-Shukri confirmed his wonderful feeling because it is an appreciation for the efforts and a source of pride for him.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency