A Driver Of A Crude Oil Tanker Rescued… And Prevent An Environmental Disaster In A River In Mosul

Baghdad Civil defense teams rescued the driver of a crude oil tanker and prevented an environmental disaster in a river inside Mosul.

It stated in a statement that its teams managed to rescue the driver of a tanker loaded with crude oil, who fell from the top of the Sennacherib Bridge and fell into Khoser River inside the city of Mosul.

It indicated that: the rescue operation was carried out through the use of hydraulic cutting and separating devices to cut the metal and remove the debris from the driver’s body, release him, and secure its transportation to the nearby hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

It added that preventive measures were taken to limit the spillage of the polluting oil product to the river and to prevent an environmental disaster in the agricultural areas through which the river passes.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency