A female terrorist arrested west of Baghdad

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the arrest of a female terrorist west of Baghdad.

The cell stated in a statement that a force from the Fifth Brigade, the Second Division, the Federal Police managed to arrest the terrorist (A, R, N) who is required according to Article 4 / of terrorism and was called (Umm Hafsa Al-Rawi).

It added that the operation was carried out by monitoring her movements in (Al-Ghazaliya) area in Baghdad, where the intelligence confirmed that the terrorist (Umm Hafsa Al-Rawi) worked within the terrorist gangs of ISIS, and she distributes the so-called guarantees to the families belonging to the terrorist gangs of ISIS within the Karkh sector.

It continued that she was duly handed over to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal and investigative procedures against her.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency