A former Minister and General Manager summoned against the background of the investigation of the contracts of the Ministry of Education

Baghdad The Federal Integrity Commission announced the details of the summon order issued to a former Minister and General Manager, against the background of an investigation into the issue of private contracts with the Ministry of Education.

A statement by the Commission stated that the summon came against the background of the seizure of contracts by a member of the House of Representatives of the contracts of the Ministry of Education.

It pointed out: The investigative judge of the Rusafa Court, which is competent to look into integrity issues, issued an order to summon the former Minister of Education and the General Manager of Al-Nahrain Company for Printing and Production of Educational Supplies; based on the provisions of Article (340) of the Iraqi Penal Code.

It added that the details of the case indicate that a member of the House of Representatives was accused of seizing the contracts of the Ministry of Education to print books and notebooks, and referring the contract for printing the school notebook by the Contracts Department to Al-Nahrain Company, which in turn referred the contract to a private company; for the purpose of printing it outside Iraq.

It pointed out that the investigative judge; as a result of the available data for the recommendations of the investigative team composed of the Federal Integrity Commission, decided to issue a summon order against the two complained of; based on the contents of the judgment article.

The Commission had previously announced the issuance of various judicial rulings against the former Minister, the deputy Minister of Education, the Director of the internal control department and the minister's secretary (the former), as well as the managing director of the company contracting with it, on the grounds of violations of a contract concluded by the Ministry with a private company.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency